Meet the new generation of real-time market research.

Choose your target audience from more than 3 million Denebunu members and quickly access consumer insights for your strategic decisions.

A New Perspective on Market Research

Sorbunu is a new generation market research platform that offers instant results with 3 million real consumers in the Turkish market. You can create a survey in minutes for your questions about your brand, your campaign performance or any topic that comes to mind.
You can start the survey you need right away by selecting your target audience with its easy interface without waiting for days or weeks. Market research is now possible for every business with affordable price options!

Some of the brands we have worked with

+3 Million Consumer Pool

12 Question Types

30 Audience Categories

+250 Segmented Datapoints

Open Pricing

Easy Checkout

Rapid Market Research Platform, Instant Insights & Reports

Quickly create your survey, reach your target audience and perform real-time market research.

Reach your desired target audience and real consumers with advanced segmentation options.

Not sure where to begin?

Check out our survey recommendations for all your research needs.

Brand Awareness Survey

How well do consumers know your brand?

Discover your brand's strengths or areas of development.

Brand Awareness Survey

Consumer Behavior Survey

What are the key criteria for your target audience?

Develop your strategy by analyzing changing consumer behavior.

Consumer Behavior Survey

Campaign Performance

Want to know what real consumers are saying about your campaign?

Gather feedback from your target audience on the topics you are curious about about your campaign.

Campaign Performance

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is Sorbunu?

      Sorbunu is a research platform where you can set your own questions for the target audience and see the research cost and duration.

    • How does Sorbunu work?

      You need to be a member and log in to be able to do research on Sorbunu. After logging in, you can create your project, determine the target audience you want to research, and create your questions. You can see the cost of the research and the estimated completion time in the project. Before the project goes live, it must enter the approval process by the Sorbunu team.

    • Who answers the surveys?

      Denebunu members who are within the target audience criteria you have determined will answer.

    • How can I determine my target audience?

      After creating your project, you can determine the target audience from the options presented on the Audience page.

    • How can I make the payment?

      You can make the payment by credit card. The payment amount is kept in the provision until the project goes live. With the start of the project, the required amount is withdrawn from your card.

    • When will my project start?

      After completing your project, it is submitted to the approval of the Sorbunu team. The surveys approved after the review of our team become active immediately and the answers begin to be collected. If your survey is not approved, you will be informed about the relevant revisions.

    • When can I see the results of my project?

      With the first answer to your survey, you can start seeing the results live on Analysis page. You can filter the results, compare the answers and export the results.